Our most valued and committed partners are volunteers

S.S.H.C Volunteer Experience:

As a volunteer, you will experience what hundreds of volunteers
experience anywhere in the world.

  • Being part of a team
  • Variety of tasks
  • Meeting lots of people
  • Getting to know the Clinic/programmes/Services.

S.S.H.C empowers volunteers, encourages self-development and offers personal learning in a creative environment. The Health Centre recognises volunteers for their valuable work. Student volunteers have the opportunity to enhance excellent information on Ghanaian Traditional Medical Practices. There are numerous events and activities that volunteers are welcomed to join.


The importance of volunteers can never be properly understood.
Their impact is vast and far -reaching, affecting the lives of thousands in positive ways.

Soafa’s volunteer’s resources offer an environment that is challenging and motivating. Volunteers provide support to administrative and clinical staff in providing quality patient care. They also support patients and families and contribute to a positive and constructive public image of the clinic.

Why don’t you join such an outreach programme, which has great promise and immense fulfilment?

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