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Enlarged prostate gland
Swollen feet
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    Jacob Danso

    “I use your Soafa Herbal Tea and it helps my blood circulation. Now my Doctor does not understand why my blood pressure is normal, because it was not normal until I started using the tea.

    Abigail Yeboah

    Thank you for the sage products you sent to me, it's working for each of us like a dream! I am very glad that I came to you after a recommendation from my Boss

    Kofi Bright

    Thanks so much for the soafa cream. I’ve only used it a few times and already it feels amazing and smells very good!! Your creams are truly the best.

    Osei Mensa

    I am honoured to recommend your clinic and services to the world. I have three children now after 17 years of infertility. Thank you Dr. Kyei

    Selina Amankwaa

    I thank you for treating my husband James Amankwaa who came to your clinic with stroke. He is 100% back to his feet, fully recovered

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